Windows 10 Xbox App Will Let You Record 2 Hours Worth Of Gaming

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that Xbox app for Windows 10 would include a GameDVR feature that would allow users to record gameplay. That feature, and others, will arrive in a May update to the operating system and company let loose with details on what to expect.

The May update for the Windows 10 Technical Preview will allow users to record gameplay through the “Game bar.” This Xbox app feature can be activated by pressing the Windows button + G. Users are then presented with options to record a clip of the last 30 seconds (or more), just like the “Record that” feature on the Xbox One. This can also be activated by pressing Windows + Alt + G.

The Game bar also comes with the option to manually start and stop recording what is happening on the screen (Windows + Alt + R). This is where things deviate slightly from the Xbox One console, though. The GameDVR settings for Windows 10 will allow users to record a maximum of two hours of video, versus just five minutes for the console.

Xbox One GameDVR Settings

The settings also include options for where to save captures along with what quality and resolution to save them at. The bitrate for the audio can also be selected between 96 Kbps and 192 Kbps.

Obviously, those that choose to record for that length of time will need to have the hard drive space to support that kind of file size. However, that just helps demonstrate the limitation of the Xbox One and its 500GB hard drive when it comes to recording gameplay. Perhaps a future update to the console will allow users to record to an external hard drive so they can get the appropriate length.

This does bring up an interesting possibility with Microsoft’s plan to allow users to stream games from the Xbox One to the Windows PC. There’s no official word yet, but users may be able to record their Xbox One gameplay for more than five minutes through that method.

Screenshots will be an option from the Game bar, as well. A screenshot can be taken via the button on the bar or by pressing Windows + Alt + PrintScr.

Other new features coming to the Xbox app for Windows 10 include the Avatar app, the ability to view someone else’s user profile along with their achievements or gameclips, and the “real name sharing” feature that allows users to share their real name with friends instead of their gamertag.

Microsoft is also finally including the Xbox controller drivers in this build of Windows 10. Users will no longer be required to download a separate driver to use their Xbox One controller on the PC.

Finally, there are some new media options, as well. Users will be able to control entertainment apps on their console to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward via the Xbox One app for Windows 10. There’s also the ability to stream Live TV for those that use the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in Europe, or the Hauppauge 955Q TV Tuner in the United States and Canada.

[Images via Xbox YouTube Channel]