Neighbor Stuffs Letter In Mailbox, Requests Inconsiderate Child Limits Play Time In Yard So Her Dogs And Bird Can Enjoy Time Outside, Threatens To Call Police

Essel Pratt - Author

Nov. 14 2017, Updated 2:24 a.m. ET

An Arizona father was shocked to find an anonymous letter stuffed into his mailbox, claiming his son is inconsiderate, and requesting that he limit his son’s playtime outside. The reason for the letter is simply so the anonymous person’s dogs can enjoy their time outside without the child’s inconsiderate giggling and laughing, as well as allow a pet bird to look out upon the empty yard without distraction. The anonymous letter writer claims that the police will be called if the child continues to have fun and play outside for extended lengths of time.

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The father was unsure if the letter was a joke, since it claimed his son’s time spent outside having fun, laughing a lot, and giggling, are cited as the reasons for the nasty letter. The writer claims that the family moved in over a year ago, and hoped the behaviors would correct themselves. However, since the fun filled behaviors still exist, the letter writer recommends no more than 15-20 minutes of outside playtime for the boy, or the police will be called, according to Yahoo Parenting.

The letter was posted on social media sites, such as reddit and Facebook, according to 10 News. The individual that posted the image on reddit, MisterNeilHamburger, is a friend of the recipient of the anonymous letter.

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“My friend found this stuffed into his mailbox this morning. Apparently kids having fun is a crime in Arizona.”

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Many individuals responded to the letter, stating that the note should be returned to sender and that the sender should mind his or her own business. One person that commented on the photo stated that he would record his child having fun, then loop the laughing and giggling on a speaker all day and all night. Another stated that he would throw a backyard party, complete with bounce house.

Etiquette Expert Hacqueline Whitmore suggested a less combative approach, simply writing back to the woman in a sincere manner.

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‘Dear Neighbor: Life is hard and there will be a time when my child will grow up and become an adult, and his laughter will eventually become less and less. Please allow him to live, laugh, and enjoy life to the fullest while he can. Thank you for understanding.’ “

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Although the identity of the sender is unknown, he or she should not be hard to find due to the description of the dogs, bird, and view of the yard. The father has not revealed how he will choose to respond to the anonymous writer, or if he will force his child to stay inside all but fifteen minutes of the day.

How would you respond to such a complaint?

[Photo Courtesy: Twin City News]


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