Oregon Farmer Susan Monica Convicted Of Killing Men, Feeding Corpses To Pigs

An Oregon farmer has been convicted in the killing of two handymen and feeding their corpses to her pigs.

It only took about a half an hour of deliberating for the jury to convict serial killer Susan Monica of murder. The Jackson County jury found Monica guilty of murdering two men, approximately a year apart, and dismembering their bodies to feed to the animals on her Wimer farm.

“The jury held you accountable,” Circuit Judge Tim Barnack said.

Mail Tribune reports that the 66-year-old woman sat quietly as the jury read their unanimous verdict. She was immediately charged with the murder of Stephen Delicino, 59, in 2012 and handyman Robert Haney, 56, in September 2013. Barnack sentenced her to a minimum of 50 years in prison. She was given credit for her time served in the Jackson County Jail towards her remaining convictions.

“You shot two people and fed them to your pigs,” Barnack told Monica as he gave her her sentence. “I don’t know how else I can put it. You valued pigs more than you value people.

“It may sound harsh, but you are a cold-blooded killer.”

Monica could have waited for sentencing, but asked that she go ahead and be sentenced stating, “it doesn’t seem to matter.”

According to the forensic evidence, Susan’s stories as to how the men died have never matched up. She claims Delicino shot himself repeatedly in the head before she shot him in self defense. She said the pigs started eating his remains before she got a chance to bury his body.

Monica revealed to the investigators that she came across Haney’s body as the pigs were devouring him. She said she shot him to put him out of his misery, according to the New York Daily News. However, State Police forensic anthropologist Veronica Vance disputed Monica’s claims saying that Haney’s legs had been chopped off with an ax, although she did say she couldn’t confirm whether the ax was used before or after Haney died.

“I couldn’t bring myself to call you simply to say, ‘Hey, your father has finally showed up. Come get him out of my pig pen,'” Monica said, addressing Haney’s family in court. “I couldn’t do it.”

The defense plans on appealing the case while Susan remains incarcerated.

She took it well,” Defense Attorney Christine Herbert said. “I think she may be looking forward to moving on with her life.”

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