Ageist Madonna And Drake Related Tweet From Burger Chain Gets Left Wing Support

Daryl Deino

On Monday, Umami Burger sent out a tweet that some consider horribly ageist and misogynistic. The Huffington Post broke the story.

"In the latest example of brands tweeting out things they shouldn't, California-based fast food chain Umami Burger decided to send out this gem on Monday...The tweet, which was soon deleted, featured a graphic that read, 'Because nothing gets the taste of old lady out like Umami,' alongside images of Drake and Madonna. It appears to be a response to last Sunday's viral moment at the Coachella festival when the Queen of Pop kissed Drake during his performance of 'Madonna,'" author Nick Visser wrote.

One would think that Madonna would get support on an extreme left-leaning site such as the Huffington Post. After all, it's left wing outlets that (rightfully, some say) claim there is a war against women. However, there were some comments under the article that actually praised Umami Burger while insulting people who were actually offended.

"Oh god, take a damn joke people. How dare Madonna have a sense of humor about the situation," said commenter Frank Rauen.

"That is hilarious, they shouldn't have taken it down," said commenter Blake Bentley.

"Perhaps people would not comment about her age if she acted and dressed her age!" claimed commenter Debbie Provance.

However, not all comments supported Umami Burger. Marnita Schroedl summed up what many people, at least on other sites that ran the story, thought.

"I find it really disgusting when people hide behind 'humor' to say cruel, nasty rude things and then pretend it's those who are offended that have a problem. So you are grossed out by the idea of an older woman kissing a younger man. Grow up. This is funny the way it's funny to make fun of people who are downs syndrome or in wheel chairs or different from us in some way. In other words. It isn't funny at all."

"Old lady? 56!! great shape, independent... seriosly... why the world is so afraid of strong women.. sad... madonna is so much better than others. she can thrill us. she dares us," wrote commenter Claudia Silva.

"To start with, old is not something we can clearly define; but the point is that it says 'Nothing takes the taste of old lady out'...That is derogatory," said commenter Adriano Bulla.

There has been no comment from Madonna regarding the tweet. Do you think it was wrong for Umami Burger to insult Madonna in the way they did? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: Billboard]