This Lana Del Rey And Taylor Swift Mash-Up Makes Fans Want A Real Collaboration

Fans who want Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift to collaborate will be kind of happy with this news. A mashup of Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video with Lana Del Rey’s hit song “Summertime Sadness” has been going viral.

Tumblr user Emmanuel was the brains behind this mashup. He decided to dub over Taylor’s artsy and moody “Style” music video with Lana’s even moodier “Summertime Sadness.” The video description reads: “Taylor Swift’s ‘Style video’ set to ‘Summertime Sadness’ as god originally intended.”

KQED Pop compared the mashup to “Taylor Swift Set To Lana Del Rey Is The New Wizard Of Oz Set To Pink Floyd.” The contributor also explains that the flawless syncing is “is due to sheer coincidence and something called apophenia, which is described as ‘the experience of perceiving patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.'”

Swifties think that the moody tone of Swift’s “Style” music video is the perfect companion to Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” Now fans of both singers are hoping for an actual collaboration in the near future. It would make complete sense since Swift and Del Rey often sing about boys and love loss. Fans also think that the singers should collaborate on Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams,” which has been described as a Del-Rey inspired tune. Some fans even think that the tone of the “Style” music video would’ve been a better fit for “Wildest Dreams.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to say that they want Lana and Taylor to duet on the song.

I honestly think that Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey should record a duet to Taylor’s new song ‘Wildest Dreams’.

— Jovanna (@JovannaJadee) November 15, 2014

The one thing that would make my life complete is if Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift did a duet

— Ashton Ohlson (@smasht0n) November 12, 2014

In similar music news, Del Rey just released a new song, but it’s not off her upcoming album. In fact, it’s from The Age of Adaline movie. Del Rey’s new song, “Life is Beautiful,” will feature in the trailer, according to Pitch Fork. The Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively and Harrison Ford and will come out in theaters everywhere on April 24. Reviews have already poured in and have called Del Rey an “old soul” that perfectly portrays Lively’s character in the film.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Lana Del Rey’s debut album, Born To Die, has been breaking records. The trend for vinyl records has risen over the years, thanks to Del Rey’s soulful and retro-inspired music. Fans have mentioned how much they love hearing the sound of her voice on vinyl.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift could be working on some new music of her own with Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello. The Hollywood Life reported that she’s teaching the singer how to write her own songs. It’s also been rumored that Taylor wants Camila to leave the girl group and make it on her own. The singer doesn’t want to pull a Zayn Malik and leave her girls, but she’s grateful for the advice that Taylor has given her.

What are your thoughts on the Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey mashup? Do you think they should collaborate?

[Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for MTV]