‘Family Guy’ Updates: Series Switching To BBC Two With New Anil Kapoor Onboard

Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy is moving back to BBC Two with its thirteenth season premiere after almost eight years. TV Wise reports Fox animated series Family Guy is moving back to BBC Two until the corporation’s licensing agreement terminates in 2017. ITV2, on the other hand, will be the UK home of Family Guy starting Autumn this year.

The one-hour season premiere will be a Family Guy and The Simpsons crossover where Peter and the Griffins come to Springfield and meet Homer Simpson. The reunion of the two most popular families on television is another most-awaited episode after the Family Guy’s debut crossover with The Simpsons in 2014.

The move of Family Guy to BBC Two was first rumored in 2014, in addition to channel BBC Three’s planned closure, reports Digital Spy. The Family Guy move was officially announced by BBC Two Controller Kim Shillinglaw in an announcement of BBC Two‘s 2015-2016 upcoming lineup which includes a new drama series from Hugo Blick and a comedy series entitled Mum.

In another Family Guy news, a new voice character is arriving on the Family Guy set. DNA India reports actor Anil Kapoor will appear as a guest star on the series although there is still no concrete news about his role on the Family Guy series. Kapoor tells DNA India how excited he is to appear on the show alongside huge Hollywood stars like Mila Kunis and Alex Borstein, despite his reluctance to divulge information on his Family Guy character.

“My children are crazy about the show. They can’t believe I am doing a voice in Family Guy,” Kapoor said. “My character will appear with the Griffin family. It is a new experience for me. And you know how much I like going into new experiences.”

Kapoor’s appearance on Family Guy is his fourth known international stint since Slumdog Millionaire, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and 24. He is set to fly to Los Angeles next week to begin filming.

Renown filmmaker Farah Khan congratulated Kapoor in a tweet on his newest project.

@TheFarahKhan: Papaji they couldn’t hav got a better “family guy” to be on Family Guy!! @AnilKapoor congraaaaaatsssss!!

Family Guy is an American adult animated series created by Seth MacFarlane that features the dysfunctional but immensely hilarious Griffin family. The animated sitcom has a lot of risqué humor, coarse language, and various acts of violence, but has been very popular worldwide. Set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, Family Guy has been running on FOX, Adult Swim, and BBC Three since 1999.

[Photo by FOX via Getty Images]