Apple Fans Love New MacBook Despite Mixed Reviews

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook has received mixed reviews. Many reviewers have complimented the design, but have criticized the lack of ports and horsepower. Business Insider notes how the MacBook may seem disappointing, but is really the laptop of the future.

“But the real story with the new MacBook is we’re getting a taste of what the future of computers will look like. External drives won’t matter as we store more stuff in cloud services like Dropbox. Zippy processors won’t matter as we do more and more tasks in a web browser instead of desktop apps. It’s a similar vision to what Google has for desktop computing, and one of the reasons why Chromebooks continue to get more and more popular. The new MacBook may not be ideal now, but soon it’ll be all you need.”

It seems a lot of actual MacBook buyers really love their new paper-thin notebook. Different Apple and computer discussion forums show mostly lust for the MacBook. At the MacRumors forums, some people are complaining about the price, but really like Apple’s device.

“I am upgrading from a 2009 Macbook Pro so I can’t really compare how it performs but it is snappy!! The Retina display is gorgeous. The keyboard will take some getting used to but it is accurate so far. The backlighting is much better than the old one. The Trackpad is magic!! And the weight difference is definitely noticeable even when compared to the Air. I’m glad I made the jump,” says user “Bleedcubbieblue.”

User “goodmoves” summarizes what a lot of other owners are saying about the device.

“I have been using this MacBook for several days now, and I can tell you that my productivity has gone up significantly over what I was used to with my already amazing 15″ Retina MacBookPro, just by virtue of me being able to use it practically anywhere due to it’s [sic] portability and ‘fun’ factor. As an Architect, design and functionality are my priorities, and this MacBook combines the best attributes of any machine out there with very little compromises for the average user. The keyboard is out of this world and has -at least perceptually- increased my typing speed. The Trackpad has that ‘Magic’ factor attached to it.”

Last week, Apple fans were outraged that the MacBook was showing up at Best Buy before Apple Store retail locations. Besides a limited quantity of new MacBooks showing up at Best Buy in the middle of the week, customers were able to order most configurations of the MacBook with overnight shipping — something they weren’t able to do at Apple’s site. The MacBook may go down as the best designed notebook ever, but the launch of it has been nothing less than confusing.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]