'Pokémon Rumble World' Passcodes Leaked As Fans 'Unlock 'Em All'

Pokéfans have done it again. Earlier this year, savvy trainers figured out how to catch rare Pokémon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire using QR Codes. Now, players have unearthed what appears to be all the password codes for Pokémon, Poké Diamonds and more in Pokémon Rumble World for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo frequently releases promotional codes that give players a free opportunity to catch elusive or exclusive pocket monsters. Their newest downloadable game, Pokémon Rumble World, is no exception. Since the game's launch on April 8, more than 10 passwords have officially been delivered to fans via the official Rumble World website and the official Nintendo of America twitter account that unlock Pokémon including Doublade, Klefki, Pancham, Piplup, Litleo, Zoroark, Pumpkaboo, and Smeargle.

However, the official release schedule seems to be a bit too slow for the Pokémon community at large. One Reddit user claimed to find a detailed listing of leaked passwords on a forum called RangerBoard. In the comments responding to the post on Reddit, community members have verified that the posted codes do indeed work in Pokémon Rumble World for the geographical regions specified. The leaked listing includes 43 passwords.

Two of the passwords mentioned for the U.S. version of the game, 88542610 and 83660710, unlock 10 and 20 free Poké Diamonds, respectively. According to the Rumble World site, Poké Diamonds are a premium in-game currency that can be purchased in the Nintendo eShop or earned for free by completing stages and passing by other Miis via StreetPass. Poké Diamonds are used to unlock coveted game stages, items and Pokémon Houses. Unlike the core franchise titles like Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in which Pokémon are traditionally stored in a PC Box, Rumble World requires trainers to give each Toy Pokémon a good home. To catch 'em all, players need to have ample housing to store their monsters.

Poké Diamonds can also be used to purchase outfits for your Mii. Three of the leaked passwords will unlock outfits for free. In the U.S. version, 52253751 unlocks a Pikachu outfit, 15475553 unlocks a Red outfit, and 48894913 unlocks a Blue outfit. These costumes can be worn by players' Mii characters and displayed in their profiles.

Pokemon Rumble World for Nintendo 3DS - Image courtesy Nintendo

Although outfits and items may be nice to have, befriending the entire roster of pocket monsters is the name of the game; as such, passwords that instantly unlock Pokémon in Rumble World are perhaps some of the most sought after codes for many players. Only one leaked password includes a Mega Stone in the U.S. version and that is password 16607716, which unlocks a Charizard plus the Charizard X Mega Stone.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have yet to officially comment on the Rumble World password leak. It is unknown if using the passwords before their official release would be considered cheating, so players are cautioned to use leaked passwords at their own risk.

[Images courtesy Nintendo]