Caught On Camera: Cop Charges Toward A Woman Taking Video Of Police, Snatches And Drop-Kicks Her Phone [Video]

A new video out of South Gate, California, is going viral because of the actions of the police officer involved. Not knowing that another party was recording his actions, a U.S. Marshal was caught on camera rushing towards a woman and struggling with her to snatch her phone away, then is shown slamming it to the sidewalk and kicking the phone.

The woman’s name in the now-viral video is Beatriz Paez, and the 34-year-old was simply going for a walk on Sunday in South Gate when she happened upon the officers. Paez feared for her life, reports the Los Angeles Times, upon seeing the big burly man with sunglasses and a goatee type of beard rushing towards her and grabbing her phone away from her hands.

In the video, viewers can hear Beatriz saying that she has the right to be there, quite loudly, prior to the man approaching her and confiscating her phone in a forceful manner. The person recording the video from what appears to be from inside of a home can be heard via voice over real-time narrations acting shocked at the sight they are seeing.

The incident is being investigated by the Feds, reports NBC Southern California — especially now that the original 53-second long video has gone viral. South Gate Police Chief Randy Davis told the press that it was indeed a U.S. Marshal who snatched the woman’s phone, and that they know about the video showing the man destroying Beatriz’s phone in a rude and violent — and possibly illegal — manner.

Originally uploaded to YouTube on April 19, the video has gone viral and has spurred several copies. The fact that the officer was carrying a AR-15 when he charged Beatriz made his approach all the more frightening. The incident involved members of an outlaw biker gang, and the surveillance operation by the U.S. Marshals resulted in the arrest of six people.

Certain news sources had to confirm that the faces of the officers wouldn’t be shown; however, other YouTube video copies have already let the cat out of the bag long ago, when the video went viral on YouTube. Perhaps if the officer had used different tactics in obtaining the woman’s phone and calmly explained to her the reasons why they shouldn’t be filmed — for their safety or even for her own security — instead of grabbing and smashing it in the manner that he did, the video wouldn’t have gone viral.

As reported by the Inquisitr, body-cam footage of an Ohio officer refusing to shoot a man charging at him also went viral recently.

[Image via YouTube]