Man Gored In Buttocks By Bull At Spanish Celebration

A man who participated at the Teulada bull-running street celebration in Spain found himself more involved than he possibly would have wanted after he was gored in the buttocks by one of the raging bulls.

The unknown man was captured being speared by the beast in the unfortunate area by a photographer at the event. You can check out the graphic images below.

According to the Daily Mail, the man was trying to flee the animal at the event in eastern Spain when he was caught by the bull. After being knocked to the floor, he then struggled to get back to his feet as he made his way to the bull bars.

The man was later spotted clambering towards medical staff while onlookers tried to assist him. It was confirmed that he wasn’t seriously injured during the escapade.

Locals are encouraged to run alongside the animals at the bull-running event, which was held on the streets of Teulada. However, officials insist that tourists shouldn’t participate, as they are more likely to get injured. Those involved are encouraged to provoke the animals before they then escape behind the plethora of iron bars that are erected for their safety.

The bull-running is the highlight of the celebration, which is held between April 8 until April 19 on the small coastal town based on Spain’s Costa Blanca. This entire event is held to celebrate Saint Vincent Ferrer, who is the town’s patron saint.

Running of the bulls events are held throughout towns and villages across Spain and Portugal. The most famous is at the eight day festival of Sanfermines in honor of Saint Fermin in Pamplona.

The origin of this bizarre ceremony dates back to the 14th century, and comes from the need to transport bulls from corrals to the bullring, while youngsters would often look to jump on top of the animals to show how brave they are.

[Image via BP]