Michele Leonhart To Resign As DEA Chief After Sex Party Investigation

Michele Leonhart is reportedly going to resign imminently following the investigation that DEA agents had attended “sex parties” overseas, activities that then weren’t punished appropriately.

Leonhart has been the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) since 2007, after she was appointed by President George W. Bush in an acting capacity. President Barack Obama then decided to hire her as administrator in 2010, which made her the first woman to head a field office.

However, her relationship has since deteriorated with the government because of her resistance to relax federal rules on marijuana, which is now legal for recreational and medicinal use in several states. She reportedly criticized President Barack Obama after he insisted that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol.

However, the final nail in her coffin came as a result of her poor performances in recent congressional hearings over reports of DEA agents participating in sex parties. These incidents reportedly took place in Colombia, where DEA agents had dalliances with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels.

Leonhart was heavily criticised because none of these DEA agents were punished or fired for these incidents. This information was gathered after an investigation into sexual misconduct and sexual harassment that took place within the agencies.

Leonhart sent out an email to DEA employees on Friday outlining that it had been a very difficult week for DEA, while also thanking them for their repeated “trust and confidence.”

“This has been a very difficult week for DEA, with members of Congress and the media asking tough questions and sharing our outrage about the disgraceful conduct of a few individuals several years ago. This employee misconduct has upset me for many reasons, but especially because it calls into question the incredible reputation DEA has built over more than 40 years,” Leonhart wrote.

She then concluded her message, “I want to thank you for your continued expressions of trust and confidence as we navigate through these rough waters. I know you will remain focused on our mission and the commitment to excellence that is the hallmark of who we are, and what we will always be at DEA.”

A DEA spokesman didn’t respond to a request for comment from the Huffington Post. Experts and officials have previously admitted that they were surprised that Leonhart had lasted so long as the head of the DEA, due to the variety of differences between her political stance and the Obama administration’s.

[Image via Huff Post]