Samantha Ronson Could Be a Sucky DJ, But She Has Great Friends

My, my: Ian Drew certainly tells it like it is, doesn’t he? The Us Magazine Editor at Large told us exactly what makes Samantha Ronson a good act— her friends. Surprised? If you’ve seen any pictures of her “working” behind the decks, then you’re not. Ian describes:

“She’s not a particularly good DJ. When you see her DJ, she really looks asleep at the wheel. She’ll smoke cigarettes and just click through the songs on her laptop. She’s like the friend with a bunch of records that you had come over when you had house parties in your parents’ basement. The more drunk or high you get, the better she sounds.”

And the draw? One guess, with the initials “LL.” With Samantha at the helm, Lindsay Lohan is sure to follow along with people like Nicole Richie and ex DJ AM, and that’s how Sam commands “the highest prices.” Doesn’t sound too shabby to me.

Image: Getty