6 Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know Are On Their Way

In a world full of movie sequels and reboots, it shouldn’t be surprising that Hollywood would squeeze every last dime out of a semi-popular film franchise. But sometimes the movie sequels are especially unexpected, like the following six movie sequels you probably didn’t know Hollywood was making.

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The Incredibles 2. The first Incredibles film chronicled the adventures of a superhero family with powers vaguely reminiscent of the Fantastic Four. Now with a Fantastic Four reboot on the way, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that writer/director Brad Bird is working on a sequel to the Incredibles. Then again, it has been over a decade since the first movie.

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Ted 2. Seth MacFarlane found surprising success on the big screen with his adult comedy in the guise of a kid’s movie, Ted. But despite the film’s moderately good reviews, fans thought of the movie as a one-off gag and never expected a sequel for the CGI teddy bear. But according to What Culture, a movie sequel to Ted is definitely on its way.


Jarhead 2: Field of Fire. A military dark comedy and drama, Jarhead followed Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, a sniper in the gulf war. The unique take on Jarhead was the focus on the boredom and psychological strain of fighting overseas. However, according to Shortlist, the movie sequel Jarhead 2: Field of Fire seems to stray pretty far from that formula. Gyllenhaal is also noticeably absent from this movie sequel.


Now You See Me: The Second Act. After the first Now You See Me confused viewers with its overly twisty plot, movie-goers are likely to be baffled again to hear that a movie sequel of the magician mystery is on the way. According to Screen Rant, the Now You See Me: The Second Act movie sequel was fast-tracked by Lionsgate for a 2016 release. Most of the original cast will return for the sequel–with the addition of some big-time stars like Danielle Radcliffe and Lizzy Kaplan.


Austin Powers 4: It’s been years since the last Austin Powers movie sequel. But at least this franchise was already known for its back-to-back sequels. Mike Meyers seems to have fallen off the face of Hollywood lately, but he stunned his fans with a recent announcement of an Austin Powers sequel, according to Answers.


Zombieland 2: An unexpected movie sequel for sure, but not entirely surprising for those who saw (and loved) the first film. Zombieland left off its main characters in the middle of a zombie-ridden apocalypse with no substantial closure. So a sequel to the Zombieland story was inevitable, if a little unexpected.

Which movie sequel are you most excited to see? Or do you think any of these sequels should never be made?

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