#Mobilegeddon Day: Test Your Website’s Mobile Friendliness In The Eyes Of Google, And Pray For Good News

The fact that April 21 is the long-awaited #Mobilegeddon day, a day whereby Google’s latest update determines those websites that are more mobile friendly than others — and drops those in the ranks of their much-ballyhooed Google search engine results pages that aren’t responsive on mobile platforms — has sent the “Mobilegeddon” hashtag to the Twitter trending list.

Webmasters, bloggers, curious writers, and the general public would do well to plop the URL of any website that’s a part of their Mobilegeddon concerns into the Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test page and cross all fingers, hoping to receive the great news from the Google deity that their site is one of the blessed ones that looks good on smartphones, tablets, and doesn’t do crazy stuff when users visit their webpages.

“Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.”

‘Mobilegeddon’ matters, says USA Today, with the shocking news that 40 percent of top websites could be negatively affected and see their website traffic dip significantly if they weren’t prepared for the mobile algorithm change. “Mobilegeddon” equals money, because, let’s say a website like Expedia ranked No. 1 each time thousands of folks typed queries like “cheap Paris flights” into Google every day.

Numerous studies have shown that the largest percents of searchers tend to click on the first links they find, so having that coveted top spot would mean a boon in plane ticket purchases for the site. But perhaps the second link that formerly held that spot beneath Expedia could’ve been a site who didn’t listen to their IT developers when they squawked about making their websites more mobile friendly, and therefore, Google could’ve seen fit to dump the website from No. 2 down to No. 100 for the “cheap Paris flights” rankings. As such, whereby that second imaginary site used to pull in $10,000 per day from inexpensive Paris plane tickets by Google dropping the made-up travel site down to No. 100, their sales would drop along with their traffic.

That’s why the reaction to any major move by Google, like Tuesday’s”Mobilegeddon” update, has sent the Google Analytics Official Website – Web Analytics & Reporting page also to the list of popular URLs listed on the Alexa “What’s Hot” list, a tracking site owned by Amazon. Webmasters and SEO experts are especially curious and keen to keep an eye on their website traffic before, during, and after the “Mobilegeddon” formula for ranking website results kicks in — praying that the sites see an upsurge in traffic, and therefore, income.

As reported by the Inquisitr,Google‘s Webmaster Tools might be another antidote in the battle against “Mobilegeddon” changes.

[Image via Bloomua / Shutterstock.com]