Parents Outraged After Teenage Girls Allegedly Strip Searched By School Officials Looking For Drugs

The parents of two teenaged students enrolled at the Serrano Middle School in San Bernardino have expressed outrage after their daughters were allegedly strip-searched by school officials. According to KTLA, the teenagers aged 15 and 13 were strip searched after school authorities suspected that they were carrying drugs. The parents of the younger girl, Chris Pringle and Anita Wilson-Pringle allege that their daughter as well as another girl were both strip searched after they were summoned to the office of a female vice-principal. What’s worse, the parents claim that the strip search happened in the presence of a male security guard.

According to the Pringles, their daughter was summoned to the office of the vice-principal on April 7 following a drug allegation. In the office, the teenage girl was asked to, in Wilson Pringle’s own words, “take off her jacket, take off her shirt, take off her T-shirt, unfasten her bra and pull her bra out — literally pull her bra out from the bottom and shake her breasts.”

In an interview to KTLA she expressed her anguish at what happened at the school to both the teenage girls

“My child should never have been subjected to that,” she said.

The Pringles also allege that their daughter’s bags were let unattended during the course of the humiliating strip-search.

The elder, 15-year-old girls mother, Wendy Alvarado alleges that her daughter was patted down by a male security guard. Alvarado, who doesn’t speak English, told a translator;

“She trusted the school to take care of her And that it was not right for them to do what they did. It’s devastating for her. She’s very emotional about it.”

Both the girls were arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession – a claim the parents dispute.

Last week, in response to an email query by the San Bernardino Sun, spokeswoman Linda Bardere told them the school district’s policy regarding searches. It read:

“Factors to be considered by school officials when determining the scope of the search shall include the danger to the health or safety of students or staff, such as the possession of weapons, drugs, or other dangerous instruments, and whether the item(s) to be searched by school officials are reasonably related to the contraband to be found,” Bardere wrote. “In addition, school officials shall consider the intrusiveness of the search in light of the student’s age, gender, and the nature of the alleged violation.”

The news of this strip search comes just a few months after the Inquisitr reported about another incident search in California where a 10-year-old boy was strip searched in front of his class.

[Image Vis KTLA]