New Frog Species Looks Like Kermit: Famous Muppet Has Real-Life Doppelganger

Who knew Kermit the Frog had a real-life doppelganger? Scientists in Costa Rica found a new frog species with a transparent belly. The researchers say the newly-discovered amphibian glass frog looks like Kermit, Jim Henson’s famous Muppet from Sesame Street, according to a UPI news report.

Back in February, a team of scientists led by Dr. Brian Kubicki from the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center documented the existence of yet another type of frog found in the Talamanca Mountains. Kubicki and his team discovered a frog with striking similarities to the fictional furry new frog. While it has the adorable eyes and spindly limbs like Kermit, the rare species looks translucent, thanks to a glassy underbelly. The striking characteristics allow its internal organs to be viewed in plain sight.

Kubicki named the new frog Hyalinobatrachium dianae (or H.Dianae) after his mom, Janet Diane Kubicki. He and his colleagues, Stanley Salazar and Robert Puschendorf, say the Kermit the Frog-looking creature is one of 149 glass frogs on record.

The new frog marks the 15th subspecies found in Costa Rica, and the first to be recorded since 1973. And according to Dr. Kubicki, not only does his prized jewel resemble the global icon, the tiny amphibian makes a unique call-sound.

“The advertisement call that the males of this species produce are very unique, no other known species of frog has a similar call, and this was indeed one of the traits that we used for the justification of it being a completely new species. It could have played a role in its going undetected prior.”

“I think it is great that this species is getting so much attention around the world. Hopefully this will help increase the awareness of the incredible amphibians found in Costa Rica and the need to continue studying them and conserve their vital habitats. Costa Rica stands alone with its density of amphibian species; within a mere 51,000 square kilometers of national territory, 201 species of amphibians have been documented.”

Kubicki is happy that the discovery of the magnificent creature is attracting global attention. He hopes the thrill over the glassy frog drives awareness of the need to conserve animal habitats and approach industrialization and commercial ventures in a sustainable manner.

Do you think the new frog species looks like Kermit?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Muppets Studio]