The Weeknd Brings Surprise Guest On Stage At Coachella -- The Crowd Goes Wild

The Weeknd has returned to Coachella for a second weekend, and he's apparently having some of the best shows of his life at the event. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the Weeknd has had incredible shows two weeks in a row, and pulled out all the stops for his second appearance.

After the Weeknd called his first Coachella performance "the greatest night of my entire life," there was much anticipation among fans for something spectacular in the follow-up performance. They were not disappointed. The artist first pulled out a surprise cover performance of Kanye West's "Heartless" before moving into a second West cover, "Can't Tell Me Nothing." The crowd was then taken totally off guard when Kanye West himself appeared on stage to finish the song.

According to the Sun, the Weeknd's decision to bring the megastar onto the stage with him was almost a mistake, because Kanye West practically stole the show. After "Can't Tell Me Nothing" was finished, West took over the show with a set of his own. He performed "Black Skinhead," "Don't Like," and a brand new single, "All Day."

Kanye's guest surprise was such a hit among the fans that some of the people in the crowd who started to leave during the Weeknd's performance rushed back into the audience to see West perform. Even so, the Weeknd was reportedly doing a fine job on his own, performing a Beyoncé cover "Drunk in Love" and a rendition of "Love Me Harder."

You can see the moment of hip-hop history take place in the video below.

The Weeknd is the stage name of "neo-R&B" musician Abel Tesfaye, who is rising in fame almost as rapidly as Kanye himself. And it seems the Weeknd was fortunate to get Kanye on the stage with him after long-standing rumors that West would be dropping in to perform with Drake instead. The irony of the situation is that the Weeknd's lack of a musical guest last weekend resulted in the artist getting mixed reviews for his performance.

According to Billboard, Kanye joining the Weeknd on stage wasn't the only highlight of this week of Coachella. Former White Stripes frontman Jack White wowed the crowd with a guitar-heavy set. But that may have been the last opportunity for fans to see White in his noisy, electric glory. The musician announced at Coachella that he'll be going on a brief acoustic tour before the end of the year, then taking a break from live shows.

"This is my last electric show I'm going to play in a long while," White told the crowd.

Did you happen to catch Kanye's surprise appearance with the Weeknd at Coachella? If so, what did you think of it?