#LillyforEbay: More Than 13,000 Lilly Pulitzer For Target Items Sell On eBay

One day after the huge Lilly Pulitzer sale at Target, the designer is still making news. As reported by the Inquisitr, #LillyforTarget trended hard and heavy on Twitter as soon as the sale was announced around 3 a.m. on Sunday. Soon thereafter, customers were complaining about missing out on the Lilly items, or posting Pulitzer haul photos online. In the same day that Target announced no restock of the Lilly Target line would happen — save for anyone mysteriously returning their Pulitzer fare to stores or online after they’d managed to miraculously score some — those who were able to purchase a piece or plethora of the 250 items in the line caused the #LillyForEbay hashtag to get attention on Twitter.

On Sunday, more than 4,000 of those Lilly items on eBay had been listed as sold on eBay, at serious markups. By Monday evening, eBay listed more than 13,000 items as sold under the keywords “Lilly Pulitzer Target,” including a Target set with an umbrella, floor cushion, and hammock (new with tags) going for $710.00 after 23 bids.

Many of those posting under the #LillyForEbay hashtag are urging folks to boycott those that are selling the Pulitzer items at serious markups in the secondary market, but with the swift manner in which the items are moving on eBay — the Target Pulitzer listings grew from approximately 12,000 to 13,300 in the short span of 20 minutes — it may be a lost cause trying to dissuade folks from stocking up on their Lilly items from eBay.

Other Target customers were upset that certain retail locations didn’t institute a buying liming on the Lilly items, and that’s why a photo of a woman with a shopping cart piled high — full of Pulitzer pillows — has gone viral on social media, pulling plenty of vitriol from commentators, calling her greedy.

The Lilly for Target prices on eBay represent a profitable business, reports USA Today — ‎noting that the increased demand and limited supply for the line has folks listing $40 items for more than $100 in certain instances. By the increasing number of sold listings, it’s apparent that there are more than enough buyers will to pay the price.

[Image via Target]