‘Empire’ TV Show Cancelled? Not So Fast

If fans of the Fox TV show Empire Google the words “Empire cancelled,” they’ll be met with a bunch of results from Tumblr pages and other websites claiming the show had been cancelled even after being renewed for a second season. As reported by the Inquisitr, ratings for Empire went through the roof during its first season and finale, and the #BeOnEmpire contest promised a walk-on role in the second season to the winner selected by the powers that be.

Therefore, it would seem an odd move that the runaway success be cancelled now, even if Fox has sued to retain the Empire name, according to the Hollywood Reporter, after receiving demands for the show to pony up $5 million and hire various musical stars to perform on Empire.

Turns the rumors of Empire‘s cancellations were attributable to a fake website, the same one who has claimed lately that Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts, that a woman’s lips exploded after doing the Kylie Jenner challenge, and falsely stated that Martin Lawrence had been found dead in a hotel.

The fake article claiming that Fox’s hit show had been cancelled gained plenty of social media buzz, and sent Empire fans to the official Fox Facebook page looking for answers. In it, the writer claimed that a Fox PR rep named “Charles McRae” pegged the show’s cancellation on contractual negotiations, claiming the producers’ salaries had something to do with the cancellation — resulting in Fox pulling the plug on Empire.

Fortunately for Empire fans, all of that is untrue. The Empire Instagram account asked as recently as April 13 if fans were ready for Season 2. The Empire on Fox Twitter page is alive and well as well, retweeting tweets from their stars, and even features manicure Mondays or other fare from the show’s fans who are eagerly awaiting the non-cancelled second season of their new favorite show.

[Image via Empire Instagram]