#BeOnEmpire Twitter Contest: Fox Offers Walk-On Role To ‘Empire’ Fans Who Can Tweet Lucious Lyon’s Real Name [Spoilers]

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

For those fans who watched the explosive season finale episode of Empire, the final minutes included some serious twists and shifts in the characters’ plot lines and story arcs. While the hashtag #EmpireFinale is currently still trending intensely enough for it to appear under Twitter’s trending section, as reported by the Inquisitr, a dark horse hashtag called #BeOnEmpire should soon begin to give the former hashtag a run for its money.

That’s because the #BeOnEmpire hashtag is the one that was shown on television and on the . It’s also the one that gains a selected person a walk-on role during season two to the runaway hit show.

What is Lucious Lyon’s real name? Tweet now with for a chance at a walk-on role in S2!

Those watching closely remember that Lucious — as played brilliantly with serious intensity by Terrence Howard — confessed to his son Jamal that Lyon wasn’t actually his real name. That moniker was adopted by Lucious as a young boy, alone and on the streets, knowing that his real name would get him beat up or killed before long. That’s when Dwight Walker became Lucious, a man who made himself a “Lyon” that wouldn’t be ferociously eaten alive in the streets, but would devour his opponents in stead.

The ‘Empire’ season one cliffhanger, as reported by Deadline, certainly had enough flips and turns, with (spoiler alert!) Lyon finding out he was misdiagnosed and doesn’t have ALS at all.

As far as the “Be on Empire” sweepstakes is concerned, the rules of the contest, as laid out by Fox, aren’t as simple as naming Lucious’ real name — but they also include other steps, such as following the Empire Twitter account, so read all the rules thoroughly. As expected, the #BeOnEmpire hashtag has some hilarious tweets already coming into play on Twitter, and from some well-known actors, like comedian Jackee Harry.

Along with their #BeOnEmpire tweets, folks are wondering aloud about what kinds of roles they’d play. And with news that heavy-hitters like Oprah and Common are planning to make appearances during the sophomore season of Empire, imagine the opportunity for a newbie non-actor (as the Fox rules state the winner must be) to work alongside those famous folks. No wonder the #BeOnEmpire tweets are coming in quickly.

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