#EmpireFinale Trends Hard On Twitter As Fans Recap The ‘Empire’ First Season Final Episode Together

There’s a reason why #EmpireFinale is trending on Twitter so much so that it appears under Twitter’s trends column. Fans wanting a recap of everything happening or that has happened on the final two-hour episode of the addictive Fox TV show can simply scroll the Twitter feed to discover how fans are reacting to the shocking episode that recaps an entire season of the runaway hit show that has just about everybody and their mother watching it on Wednesday evenings. Expect the cracked-out, Dave Chappelle character-looking memes to fill Twitter and Instagram feeds on Thursday morning (or next Wednesday), with folks proclaiming how much they need their Empire fixes.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Cookie will hook up with Derek Luke’s younger character in the season finale episode, which is already sending comments about #TeamDarkSkin and chocolate drop and all sorts of fare into Twitter tweets. But the real scoop about what will go down on the Empire first season final episode can’t be predicted, because show creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong quipped with E! News that there would be massive deaths in the episode.

“Everyone dies! It’s going to be like a Hamlet ending. Whole new cast season two…it’s going to be the kids from Glee. GleeEmpire crossover!”

Well, we know that was probably a lot of dry humor from the Empire creators therein, and even Daniels’ scoop that “pubic hair” would be the trending topic on Twitter on Thursday morning from Empire fans seemed a big dose of ironic humor.

Prior to the season finale airing, a 6-minute Empire finale video was released, as reported by People Magazine? — but the scuttlebutt on Twitter during the explosive episode was all about punches to the mouth and tweets about the ferociousness of Terrence Howard’s character, a family patriarch with a ruthless drive to succeed and tear his family apart in the process.

The tweets themselves are priceless for those who have watched the show all season and say that the finale episode got “really real” real quickly, and that there was a need for a little break in the drama with one of those famous Empire songs.


Despite all the drama onscreen, actors from the show, such as Jussie Smollett and Bryshsere Gray, seem to have a bond offscreen — as reported by E! — not only with their Empire cast mates, but fans as well.

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