‘Empire’ Final Episode: Cookie Hooks Up, Andre Finds Jesus In 2-Hour Season 1 Finale [Video]

The Empire TV show on Fox Network came on the scene like gangbusters, and the video below looks at the season finale, two-hour episode, “Die But Once.” In the video, which has gone viral on YouTube, we see Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie going off to a lovely cabin with with Antwone Fisher star Derek Luke, and discovering what it’s like to be with someone other than Terrence Howard’s character — a ruthless guy who is still up to his old tricks in the final episode, pitting one son against another — and even taking on God himself.

The sneak peek season one finale video of Empire shows Henson speaking about her character needing a break from Lucious and all his schemes, which have increased now that his “boo boo kitty” was exposed as a backstabber. Lucious has decided that he wants Cookie back, a woman who took the fall as his wife and went to jail for 17 years to cover for both of their wrongdoings. Missing out on raising their three sons for a large and pivotal part of their lives, Cookie keeps her trysts with the bodyguard a big secret from her estranged husband.

Meanwhile, Howard’s character can be seen scheming against heaven, coming up against Jennifer Hudson’s counseling character that takes Andre to church to help him deal with his bipolar issues. Lucious actually quips to his son that he will see who is bigger, God or himself, Andre’s daddy as he says in the video. This is the episode where viewers will see that Lucious is really scared of death.

Trai Byers and Jussie Smollett also weigh in on the family drama, with the excitement for the final episode of the tremendous debut season of Empire causing palpable excitement. As reported by the Inquisitr, rumors of Oprah and Common appearing on the second season of Empire have already sent this series into the stratosphere in terms of viewer interest and buzz. Already, the final two-hour season finale promises to feature folks like Snoop Dogg and other famous faces in the music industry, and social media was buzzing on Wednesday nights and beyond.

‘Empire’ came in like a Lyon, reports the New York Post?, putting a cute spin on the family’s last name to describe the over-the-top ratings the Fox Network show unexpectedly received, blowing everyone’s expectations out of the water.

[Image via Empire YouTube video]

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