Christian Group Asks Pastors To Investigate 2016 Republican Candidates And ‘Out’ Gays Or Gay Sympathizers On Their Staffs

A Christian group is concerned that there may secretly be gays and gay sympathizers lurking behind the scenes of 2016 Republican hopefuls’ campaigns, and is asking conservative pastors and their flocks to investigate and ‘out’ them, Raw Story is reporting.

The American Renewal Project is a Christian group that advocates for conservative causes and candidates.

“Righteousness exalts a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34”

Spokesperson David Lane, in an op-ed piece that appeared in Western Journalism, called on pastors and flocks who support the group’s goals to investigate the families and staffs of all Republican candidates to find out if anyone behind the scenes secretly supports the gay agenda.

“As the race begins in the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary, Evangelicals have no choice but to investigate which consultants and operatives are behind each of the candidates; decisions about personnel provide evidences about policy.”

Lane cites “betrayals” but so-called “conservatives,” who secretly supported gays and gay rights while serving Republican politicians, as the need for the crowdsourced investigation. For example:

  • Jeb Bush operative made statements in support of California judge Vaughan Walker, who “acted tyrannically in 2009 by overturning a decision made by 7 million California citizens–2008’s Proposition 8, which placed a ban on same-sex marriage in the California Constitution.”
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush, who said in 2010 that she supports abortion and gay marriage.
  • John McCain’s wife Cindy, who “publicly differs with her husband on ‘gay policy.'”
  • An unnamed “former White House political director” who “announced (after he left Washington) that he is a homosexual and an advocate for homosexual marriage.” NOTE: This claim is not backed up with a source, like the other claims.

Washignton Examiner blogger Paul Bedard has managed to get a hold of a memo Lane has sent to pastors, offering a little further insight into why he wants an investigation.

“The challenge facing faith-grounded conservatives in 2016 is that candidates, and all those surrounding them, staff and family members, say one thing during the campaign, but then govern in the exact opposite manner once in office.”

Lane claims that he is not anti-gay; but rather anti-gay marriage.

“I get beat up for saying what I believe. [But] I’m not going to let them redefine marriage.”

Lane offers two Biblical figures – one, a warrior, and the other, a prostitute – to call upon Americans to fulfill their duty to investigate conservative politicians’ families and operatives for evidence of gay sympathies.

“Will a Gideon or Rahab the Harlot make a stand?”

As of this post, the Christian group’s campaign to ‘out’ gays and gay sympathizers in the employ of Republican presidential hopefuls has failed to turn up anything substantive.

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