‘Serial Pedophiles’: Couple Charged With Incest And Abuse, Police Fear More Victims

Police in Muskogee, Oklahoma arrested William “Frankie” Dugan and partner Valerie Ojo, a couple described as “serial pedophiles,” and charged the two with forcible sodomy, incest, and exploitation against two children, aged five and six. But now, authorities fear that the charges involving the two children are merely two in a long string of child abuse, and are searching for more victims.

The two children, both girls, are the young daughters of Dugan and Ojo.

William “Frankie” Dugan, 29, and Valerie Ojo, 32, were charged in March for the abuse of the known victims, which occurred between January 17 and March 21 of 2015. According to court documents, the Oklahoma couple allegedly sexually abused the two young children, and then forced the children to perform sexual acts on each other, all while filming and photographing the abuse. Police believe Dugan took even more pictures and video of the assaults against his daughters on his cell phone. They are currently working to get the pass code to unlock it.

Muskogee police said it’s one of the most disturbing cases they’ve ever seen, and Officer Lincoln Anderson says that the details of the assaults against the two young girls are simply too disturbing to share.

“The things they were doing to these kids, and making these kids do, I don’t know how anybody can understand it.”

The police in Muskogee, Oklahoma believe that after talking with Dugan and Ojo, additional unreported victims may still be out there. Anderson states that the victims range from four to 21-years of age, and that authorities want to extend assistance to any other potential victims abused by Dugan. Anderson also indicated that there may be photos and videos of those victims, similar to the current charges brought against Dugan and Ojo.

“The information received leads us to believe that (Dugan) has been doing this for years,” Anderson said. “Whether it be family members, or not family members, or ex-girlfriends’ kids, there’s no telling.”

After the arrests of Dugan and Ojo, investigators say that a 23-year-old woman recently came forth and said she was also sexually assaulted by Dugan when she was merely 4-years-old.

William “Frankie” Dugan, although currently living in Muskogee, also has ties to Amelia, Ohio and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where he lived previously. Police believe there may be more victims of Dugan in those communities.

Muskogee police are urging anyone who has any information about other victims linked to Dugan to call Investigator Joseph Poffel at 918-680-3115, or to contact CrimeStoppers at 918-682-COPS.

April is Child Abuse Prevention month. For more information on how you can learn the signs and symptoms of child abuse, click here.