Crane, Truck Moves 1,000-Pound Man: Obese Man Transported To New Home With Heavy-Duty Equipment

It took a crane and a truck to move a 1,000-pound man from his Providence, Rhode Island home. A crane lifted him out of his house and onto a flatbed truck, so he could go down Interstate 95 to his new residence.

Fox News reports that help came from the Providence and Cranston Fire Departments, Lifespan, the Hospital Association of Rhode Island, and Bay Crane Northeast. The nursing home Brian Butler was in was closing, so he had to relocate to a new home in Cranston. Michael Raia from the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services says plans were arranged weeks ago to do this.

According to WJAR-TV the transport took almost seven hours.

Butler was living at the Bannister House in Providence, but since the nursing home was in $2 million worth of debt, it had to close down. So, Butler moved to Eleanor Slater Hospital. It was clear his transportation would require some heavy-duty assistance and that’s when plans involved having a crane and truck come in to move the 1,000-pound man.

Raia said Butler’s arrival to his new home meant having a “coordinated approach” to ensure he’d travel safely to his new destination.

“This is a patient with very complicated medical needs and it required a coordinated approach. His [Butler] care and safety has been our top priority throughout this transport.”

The entire move occurred on Sunday with all on board from the fire departments, hospitals, and truck and crane companies. KSPR Channel 33 reported a few weeks ago that plans for Butler’s move included having firefighters cut open the door to Butler’s room and remove him. They would then slide him up a ramp to the top of the Bannister House building and have a crane lift him out from there.

Butler admitted he was nervous about going through the process, but he was under medical supervision the whole time.

Back in 2006, Butler discussed his struggles with eating. He said when he’s depressed he’ll chips or order a “large pizza and pretty much kill it” himself.

The 1,000-pound man said he tried getting gastric bypass surgery, but he was unable to find a doctor to perform the surgery.

Extremely large people like Brian Butler have been in the press before when it’s come to a major production in moving them out of a building. A crane and truck required to move a 1,000-pound man out of his home entails lot of effort to make sure nothing goes wrong in the process.

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