Uncharted 3 Getting ‘Shade Survival Mode’ Next Week

Naughty Dog announced today that the latest round of Uncharted 3 DLC, a co-op mode dubbed “Shade Survival”, will see a release on the PlayStation Network next week.

In Shade Survival Mode, players will co-operate with their friends and/or strangers to fend off wave after wave of increasingly difficult baddies, including teleporting Djinn.

“There are eight rounds in total. The Djinn’s ability to catch fire and teleport poses a formidable challenge to team strategy and coordination. Later rounds include highly skilled Djinn sporting extra armor and firepower so get ready for a hearty battle,” the developer explained.

If you purchased the “Fortune Hunters’ Club” membership, which is Sony’s way of saying “Season Pass”, you’ll pick up the Shade Survival Mode free of charge. Otherwise, you can pick it up on the PlayStation Store for a rather agreeable $5.99.

Uncharted 3‘s 14th and final Fortune Hunters’ Club installment will arrive in April, but it isn’t known just yet what that will include. Said DLC may be the final in the Fortune Hunters’ Club series of DLC, but that doesn’t mean that Naughty Dog will be done with Uncharted 3 come April.

Eric Monacelli, Naughty Dog’s consumer strategist, had this to say in response to a fan about the future of Uncharted 3:

“We aren’t done with support of Uncharted 3 after April. The final Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC hits in April. We’ll have information on what’s next for Uncharted 3 beyond the FHC after it hits.”

You can check out a trailer for Uncharted 3‘s upcoming Shade Survival Mode directly below.