Military Dad Photobombs Son’s Pic In Soldier’s Surprise Return Home For Photo Day [Video]

When a military dad photobombs his son’s pic, you might expect it to be a practical joke, but in this case, Corporal James Bass decided to surprise his eight-year-old son during school photo day after returning home from deployment overseas.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a sperm whale photobombed an underwater video stream in a rare encounter. Another woman was using her selfie stick to take a photo when a giant sea creature photobombed the woman, causing her to scream hysterically.

Third grader Joshua Bass simply thought he was doing the usual school picture for photo day at Pearsontown Magnet Elementary, when his military dad decided to surprise his son with an adorable photobomb. According to WTVD, Bass had returned home after being deployed for months in Kuwait, but his family has not been told about his recent return.

The video shows Cpl. Bass sneaking up behind his son just as the photographer is about to take the school picture. After the photo is taken, the photographer showed the results to the third grader, pointing out on the camera that someone special was standing right behind him. At first, the boy thought the image of his wildly-gesticulating father was simply a trick, but then the father called out to him.

Once the young boy figured out that his military dad had photobombed him, he spun around and yelled, “Daddy!” He then embraced his father in a very emotional moment. While many photobombs may make you laugh, this video is definitely a tearjerker.

[Image via YouTube]