Buccaneers Considering Trading Number One Pick, May Be The Best Decision

Are the Buccaneers considering trading the number one pick? In March, head coach Lovie Smith openly spoke about the talent in what he considers a deep draft, according to NBC Sports.

“I can see why people would assume we’re gonna take a quarterback. There are two excellent quarterbacks that are available at the top and when you get a chance to draft someone like that, most of the time, people do. But there are other good players in the draft also. I think it’s a deep draft for defensive line. Like last year, there are a lot of great receivers that are coming out. I think, just overall, the amount of athletes coming into each incoming class, it’s pretty deep for players that can make an immediate impact.”

This isn’t the only report that talks of a possible trade of the number one pick. Recently, Newsday caught up with the team spokesman who declined to comment. However, a source close to the Buccaneers did not rule out a trade possibility for the pick.

“You don’t shut the door on it until you have to. (The Bucs) appear willing to listen to offers.”

This begs the question: is trading the number one pick in the best interest of the Buccaneers? Let’s look at the options.

The Buccaneers could pick Jameis Winston. Many believe this is the most-likely scenario. There is no arguing that the talent is there. In fact, Lovie Smith seemed very impressed with the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at his pro day earlier in the month.

“Nothing to disappoint you. It’s kind of who he is. He’s a good football player. When he gets on the stage, he normally looks like that.”

The fear with Winston is all of the off the field issues that have plagued the Florida State star. Could the team be faced with the same situation the Cleveland Browns find themselves in with last year’s pick Johnny Manziel? Also, Winston commented in February his desire to play baseball professionally.

“It always has been my dream, but I’m just playing football right now.”

The second option for the number one pick could be Oregon’s Marcus Mariota. Mariota is coming off a Heisman Trophy win this year. He also had a far superior game when he and Winston met head-to-head in this year’s Rose Bowl. Mariota was widely considered the number one pick in the draft for most of the college football season this year, but a poor performance in the National Championship game left many questioning his ability to play under pressure, especially in third and long situations. A poor pro day didn’t help his cause.

The third and final option for the number one pick would be to trade it. There is no arguing the Buccaneers need a franchise quarterback. However, the Buccaneers needs do not stop there. The Buccaneers need offensive lineman, defensive ends, cornerbacks, and a middle linebacker. Trading the number one pick would allow them to pick up another number one and a few more picks to go with it. The great thing is there are plenty of teams out there who would be willing to make a trade. The Jets, Browns, Chargers, Bears, and Redskins have been teams interested in trading up.

In less than two weeks, Goodell will step up to the podium and put some team on the clock. The question is will it be the Buccaneers? What do you think the Bucs should do with the number one pick? Should they go with a quarterback that they question, or do they look for a team that is will to give up multiple picks that might allow them to shore up other needs?

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