Cancelled TV Shows 2015: ‘Bones’ Hits Lowest Ratings Ever, But It’s A Different Factor That Could Lead To Its Cancellation

The list of cancelled TV shows in 2015 could have a surprising addition as the popular Bones heads toward what could be a series-killing contract stalemate.

The Fox show has seen its ratings dip over the course of the last season, bringing it to all-time lows. While that might be enough to sink any other series, Fox has a higher threshold for cancelling shows and might otherwise be inclined to keep Bones in the lineup.

But as TVByTheNumbers explains, it may be another factor that ends up landing Bones among the cancelled shows in 2015.

“Bones ratings are bumping along at their series low, and are at just 70 [percent] of Fox’s scripted ratings average in 2015,” the report noted. “Even for a veteran show, that’s typically in the Cancellation Bear‘s ‘likely canceled’ prediction range.”

“Unlike [the] similarly low-rated The Following, Bones is produced by Fox, which the bear figures gives it reasonable chance for renewal, if the actors can be signed to new contracts. In these cases, the bear assumes that the contracts get signed, because that usually, but not always, happens.”

Whether it is cancelled or not, Bones has already gone through some major changes, including the death of the popular Dr. Sweets during the show’s Season 10 premiere.

The death came as a huge shock to many fans, but producers of Bones explained that the show wasn’t about to scrap the format that has made it such a hit so far.

Bones is not going to turn into a dark show where they are dealing with these demons all of the time,” said Stephen Nathan, the show’s executive producer. “We are going to be back on our traditional Bones footing very quickly.”

Despite the prediction from TVByTheNumbers, others don’t have such a positive outlook for Bones. The blog TV Series Finale noted that with sinking ratings, it wouldn’t be shocking if the show was cancelled after this season.

The report noted the following.

“The ratings for Bones keep dropping lower each season. There’s also been talk that season 10 will likely be the show’s last. Will FOX cancel their long-running series or renew it for an 11th season instead. We’ll have to wait and see.”

If Bones does join the list of cancelled TV shows in 2015, it likely won’t be announced for a few more weeks. The show still has four more episodes left in Season 10, with the two-part season finale coming on May 7.

[Image via Fox]