Emily Deschanel Talks What’s Next For ‘Bones’ After Death Of Beloved Character

Emily Deschanel has seen her character go through a number of difficult situations over the 10 years Bones has been on television. Deschanel recently sat down and talked about what’s next for the show after one of its most popular recurring characters was killed.

Emily talks in a video, first posted by Mashable, where she recounts some of her favorite encounters between Dr. Brennan and Sweets. Sweets was an FBI psychologist with boyish features, but a killer brain, who helped the Jeffersonian team solve many a murder. He was beaten to death at the end of Emily Deschanel’s show’s season 10 premiere. The episode was one that saw the members of the team go through some truly emotional times, especially for Booth.

While Emily and the rest of the cast will likely deal with the loss in a number of different ways, Bones producers want everyone to understand the season will not have Deschanel and the rest centered around Sweets’ death.

E! reported Stephen Nathan, the show’s executive producer wants to make sure people understand that Bones is still going to be Bones. “Bones is not going to turn into a dark show where they are dealing with these demons all of the time,” he said. “We are going to be back on our traditional Bones footing very quickly.”

The show’s producers also said that doesn’t mean Emily and company are going to be completely ignoring Sweets and what he meant to Deschanel’s show. There has been talk that Sweets’ lover Daisy will be making a reappearance along with the couple’s child. “I don’t think people who have grown close to her and really love her in their own way over these past five, six years, not going to let her they’re not going to send her out in the world alone. When this baby is born, this baby will be cared for.” Nathan said, foreshadowing at least a couple of episodes for later this season.

Emily seems to have a real fondness for Sweets’ character, and there will likely be at least a couple of Deschanel moments where Brennan makes it clear she’s struggling with the loss. That struggle will be handled in a slightly different way because of the way Emily has her character act. Deschanel has made a career of having a character who seems bloodless at times and completely loony at other times. Part of the interest for Bones moving forward is seeing how Emily Deschanel and the rest deal with this loss as the season goes on.