Last Second Goal Wins Irish Soccer Fan, Kyle Cadden, £650: Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

With all the bad news in the world, it’s sometimes nice to hear some good news. Good news that makes one so happy that they jump up and down, scream for joy, and possibly click their heels.

Such was the case for Irish soccer fan Kyle Cadden, whose good news came in the form of a last second soccer goal that won him £650 on a £150 bet, reports Belfast Live.

Now, of course, betting — and sports betting in particular — is a tricky business that seldom has positive results for the average person’s long term financial health. That said, winning a bet, along with £500 in as dramatic a fashion as Kyle Cadden did, is definitely a 10 on the elation scale, as demonstrated by Mr. Cadden below.

With the last seconds of the game — and his £150 — ticking away, the beyond-nervous anxiety of Kyle Cadden, clad in red hoodie, is palpable.

But, as Cadden would later relate, the Ballinamallard United lls soccer team, for which Cadden’s roomate and brother play, wouldn’t let him down. The Irish luck was about to smile brightly on Cadden and the Ballinamallard United lls, with a £650 win for Cadden on the other end of the rainbow.

A little background on the match Kyle Cadden was betting, Cadden’s Ballinamallard United reserves were taking on the Dungannon Swift reserves, Kyle Cadden apprehensively watching the two teams battle on the pitch for the George Wilson Cup at Stangmore Park, in Dungannon, Ireland, on Thursday night.

“I live with a player that plays for them and he said that he thought they’d a good chance,” Kyle told Belfast Live. “Sometimes my brother Jordan plays for that team too and he thought they’d a good chance too.”

Showing off his good humor after his big win, Cadden joked that his bet was riding on some money he’d just come into, saying, “The student loan had come in so I was a bit flush.”

As for the game, to win his bet Cadden needed a win, not a tie, so the off-screen shot, in the video above, that doesn’t go in and nearly makes Cadden keel over and/or bite his finger off, only adds to the suspense building toward the game-winner that finds its way past the keeper and between the pipes, thereby lighting Kyle Cadden’s celebratory fuse.

And it was a brutal game for Kyle Cadden to sit through too, things not really going his team’s way throughout.

“We went two-one down in the second half and then there was about 20 minutes left and it went 2-2… It was the 90th minute and an Andy Little header went straight in. Words can’t explain it, I was over the moon – I was pretty ecstatic as you can see.”

Asked how he might be spending his winnings, Kyle Cadden wasn’t short of ideas.

“It’ll probably be spent on a lot of nights out in Belfast, maybe on more bets on Ballinamallard Reserves,” said Cadden.

[Images, Jason Taylor/Facebook via YouTube]