Paris Hilton Announces Big Music News From Coachella

Paris Hilton took to Twitter on Saturday to announce some big news in the middle of partying at Coachella, letting her fans know that they can start looking for her new single a little earlier than the original release date.

Hilton says “High Off My Love” will be released on May 4 as the third single from her upcoming studio album; the Twitter post has been retweeted nearly 200 times as fans prepare for Hilton’s new music.

The former reality star and entrepreneur partied at Coachella with her entourage over the weekend, making headlines with her boho-raver look after she donned a flowy, rainbow-hued frock and sparkly cat ears at the music festival.

Although Hilton has become known over the years for her party-girl image — even becoming a well-known and well-paid DJ at prime hotspots and parties in recent months — she says that won’t last forever. Paris told Elle earlier this year that she plans on settling down at some point to have children and focus on the business side of her many ventures.

“I want to have a few kids, have hotels all over the world, and be a brand. I really admire people like Oprah and Martha Stewart. I’m not going to be doing appearances, though. I’ll just be a mom—but I’ll still run a business. I’ll always be a businesswoman no matter what,” she said.

Although Paris starred in her own reality show once upon a time with her former bestie, Nicole Richie, she says you shouldn’t expect to see her on another one anytime soon. Her viewing experience with shows like The Real Housewives left her unimpressed (“It’s so mean now,” she told Elle). The DJ label, she says, doesn’t define her either.

“I don’t call myself a DJ—I don’t say, “Oh I’m DJ Paris Hilton”—it’s just part of what I do. I’ve been doing celebrity appearances before anyone was ever really paid to do them. When I was 20 years old, I did the opening of the Palms Hotel. That, I think, was the first kind of celebrity appearance in Vegas. It’s kind of just the next step in my appearance world. I’m not just showing up and saying ‘Hello’ in the microphone,” she said.

[Photo courtesy Paris Hilton/Instagram]