Bill O’Reilly Refuses To Back Down From ‘White Suppression’ Critics

Last week, several media outlets blasted Bill O’Reilly for claiming that in today’s politically correct times, Christians and Whites were open to ridicule without any remorse. The Huffington Post explained O’Reilly’s latest controversy.

“What are the most oppressed groups in America? If you guessed white men and Christians, then you might be a Bill O’Reilly viewer. ‘If you’re a Christian or a white man in the USA, it’s open season on you,’ O’Reilly said on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ on Fox News Channel Monday night. That, he said, could work to the advantage of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.”

On Friday evening, Bill O’Reilly didn’t hide away from the race issue and said the far left is using it for political purposes. Fox Insider has O’Reilly’s thoughts on the issue.

“Joining white privilege is a new piece of far-left propaganda called white suppression. Basically, the anti-American zealots are trying to convince people that we have an unjust society. We need a complete overhaul in our political and economic systems.”

O’Reilly takes it one step further.

“Here’s the truth: Our traditional values in America are under siege. We are seeing dramatic changes in the definition of human beings on the abortion front, in the definition of marriage and in the definition of capitalism among other things. Anyone who denies that is a dishonest idiot.”

The past week has been another very controversial week for the Fox News host, who questioned the motives of some police brutality protestors. According to Ring of Fire, Tavis Smiley tried to school Bill O’Reilly on the problem. Smiley tried to get O’Reilly to understand that police brutality affects people of all nationalities, not just African-Americans.

“As you said earlier, there are far more white people maimed by cops every day in this country than black people,” said Smiley. “This is why this ought to be a concern for all Americans – not a color-coded issue. We’ve got to respect and revel in the humanity of all citizens,” Smiley continued.

The conversation about police brutality has hit full-force since police officer Michael Slager shot Walter Scott, who wasn’t armed and didn’t appear to be posing a threat to the officer. A video shot by Feidin Santana showed what happened during the incident, which has caused an international uproar.

Bill O’Reilly is likely to incite other controversies now that the 2016 election is in clear sight. However, don’t feel sorry for O’Reilly; he still has the highest-rated program on cable television.

[Photo by Patricia Schlein/Getty Images]