Drake’s New Album ‘Views From The 6’ Set To Shock Listeners In Music Paradigm Shift

After Coachella, for Drake, it’s back to the music. His new album, Views from the 6, is still in the works. However, it’s rumored that Drake is switching his style in order to give the fans something new.

Ever since So Far Gone, Drake’s albums have been ripe with expectant, lyrical “fire.” His music has been different, yet familiar. In Drake’s musical age, he seems to realize that’s actually what people want — difference with familiarity.

However, rumor has it that Drake’s new album is going to step outside of that comfortably familiar zone that people know and appreciate. A sub-editorial of Complex, called Four Pins, says that Drake’s songs will have a different sound to them in this upcoming album release.

Drake New Album 'Views from the 6' Set to Shock Listeners in Music Paradigm Shift II

According to the sources, one of the releases will be with Beyonce Knowles. If you didn’t know, there have been rumors in the past about Drake crushing on Beyonce — and how Blue Ivy resembles Drake as a child. In the singer’s “Flawless” track, many believe that she took a hit at the rapper when she said as follows.

“You wish I was your pound cake. Boy, you know I look good as f***. [You] Wish I was your baby momma. Want me to come around and give you good karma, but no.”

If tension were ever present between the two, it seems to be squashed now.

Nevertheless, not to say that Drake’s new album is on the verge of a shift like Kendrick Lamar’s latest release. However, in the Four Pins article, it’s mentioned that he has to make the switch — and though it’s a risk, it’s one he has to take.

“For Drake to avoid backlash, his next album must mark a departure from the sound that’s brought him worldwide acclaim. It’s similar to what Jackson did by embracing hip-hop and new jack swing on Dangerous. This is a fact Drake acknowledges on Too Late‘s ‘No Tellin’, rapping, ‘I had to switch the flow up on you n****s, s*** was getting too predictable’.”

As he’s proclaimed to be at the top, Drake is concerned about staying there — as well as maintaining his musical net worth. While Drake was once the greatest rapper never heard, he fought his way to the top, surpassing well-known artists who were also in top positions. Likewise, his concern is that up-and-coming lyricists that could possibly do the same to him.

Drake‘s Views from the 6 is set to release in late 2015.

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