Dashcam Captures Moment Hero Deputy Stopped Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off Bridge [Video]

South Carolina deputy Michael Hubbard is being hailed a hero after he pulled a suicidal woman from the edge of a bridge in a bid to save her life. Hubbard says he responded to a bridge where a woman could be seen sitting on the ledge with her feet dangling over the edge. When he approached the woman she told him she was “looking for a way out and being at peace.” Her words made it clear that the woman had planned to jump, but Hubbard says he wasn’t going to let her go out that way.

In the video you can watch as Hubbard slowly approaches the woman on the bridge. She is swinging her feet back and forth over the ledge and looking down. Hubbard asks the woman what she is doing and she responds, “looking for a way out and being at peace.” Hubbard, realizing the woman was in danger, tells the lady,”give me your hands, you are not going out like this today, stop fighting.”

The deputy is then seen grabbing the woman from behind and dragging her to safety. She fights the officer but he holds tight and places her in the back of his patrol car. The woman can be heard sobbing in the audio recording and was picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

This isn’t just police officers who have stopped to help a person contemplating suicide from a bridge. A Buffalo bus driver was considered a hero after he pulled his bus over to stop and talk with a woman about to jump from a bridge.