Who Should Return To ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race?’ Trixie Mattel, That’s Who

If you watched last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race or have read up on the highlights of it, you know that RuPaul will be bringing back one of the eliminated Queens. LogoTV and RuPaul have made a fairly large deal out of the whole ordeal, putting up a campaign of #BringMyQueenBack.

The whole thing is a rather sad attempt to make the audience feel included in the show. The show is pre-recorded, so the fans’ views really won’t have a lasting impact on the show itself. Essentially, Ru has already made her decision as to which queens she is bringing back to Drag Race.

Trixie Mattel sees herself as an exaggerated Barbie doll, which explains the name and the many looks she has shown off. She often dons blond wigs and pink lipstick, looking very much like the Mattel doll.

Trixie was told to sashay away back on Episode 4 of this season’sRuPaul’s Drag Race. On the episode, the queens were asked to create a spoof of one of Ru’s music videos. Some queens stood other, and other didn;t. Unfortunately for Trixie, the judges thought she could have done much better. On the main stage she was berated by Ru, which sent her to the bottom two with Pearl.

“Trixie Mattel, you went for the comedy gold, but all we got was bronze.”

Granted, Trixie did fail the main challenge a bit. She was not nearly as funny as she should have been and other queens obviously outshined her. However, she rocked the lip sync, or at least rocked the part that was aired. The whole song is shortened to only a 30-second clip — not really enough for watchers to judge on.

Just as a note, Pearl is an awesome queen as well, especially once she opened up and dropped the stoner persona.

Trixie was living it up on the stage, acting out bits of the song and her lip syncing was on point. She was hitting her marks and was just serving true Trixie Mattel style. The queens standing in the background were even loving the performance.

So why not RuPaul? Perhaps there was something in the lip sync that Ru saw that was not aired. Or perhaps Pearl really worked the song. As an audience watching on our television sets, we may never know. Still, Trixie has shown that she is versatile and funny.

Regardless of who is brought back to the show, I will still be watching, even it is Shangela. For now, I can still hope that Trixie Mattel will be back on RuPaul’s Drag Race tomorrow night.

[Photos via Twitter]