Customers React To Lilly Pulitzer Target Sale With Haul Photos, Restock Questions, And Complaints On Facebook, Twitter [Photos]

Well, the highly-anticipated Lilly Pulitzer Target sale was so popular that it crashed Target’s website for a short while, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now that the Pulitzer collection is pretty much long sold out on and in most brick and mortar Target stores, according to the buzz about Lilly on Twitter, there are a varying amount of reactions from folks on social media mediums such as Facebook, either proclaiming delight over the Pulitzer items they were able to score, or frustration over the process that claimed low stock or disorganization.

On their own Twitter page, Target apologized for the frustration felt by those trying to buy Pulitzer stuff online, so keep abreast of that page and the Target pressroom for mentions of Pulitzer to discover any plans for restocking the Lilly collection online or in stores. Experts advise that hitting up local Target stores in your area that are less popular might net you a few items unsold in the collection, but don’t bank on it — at this point, most folks are hip to the buy-it-in-stores-and-sell-it-on-eBay routine.

Another way to try and score Pulitzer, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, is to wait it out or keep checking various sizes of the collection online to see if those “out of stock online” messages change to “in stock” ones that actually let you add Lilly items to your cart on without giving an additional error message. In previous times of popular designer sales, Target has restocked collections online without giving advanced notice.

Meanwhile, the Pulitzer page on Facebook is surely getting an earful of negative comments from folks angered by the process of low stock in Target stores, or such a quick sell out online — plus those that claim the Lilly gear is already on eBay being resold are feeling the frustration.

[Image via Twitter]