#LillyforTarget Madness: Lilly Pulitzer Target Sale Crashes Target.com, Sells Out By 8 A.M.

To say the Lilly Pulitzer sale online at Target was a popular one is an understatement. Apparently, scrolling through the Pulitzer for Target collection online and selecting various sizes should be met with plenty of “out of stock online” messages, according to the hubbub on Twitter that has made the tweets about LillyforTarget such a popular hashtag that it’s the number one trending topic as of this writing.

The Lilly collection’s popularity crashed Target.com, reports the Detroit Free Press — ‎even though it was announced at approximately 3 a.m. ET, according to those who remained awake in the middle of the night to purchase the much awaited Pulitzer collection as soon as it was online. However, the amount of the traffic to the website apparently couldn’t be handled fully by Target’s servers, leaving plenty of frustrated shoppers who wanted to get their hands on some of the Lilly fare.

There are even strategic shopping plans, as reported by InStyle, for getting your hands on the preview sale collection — at least for the in-store Target purchases, seeing as how the online stuff is gone. The Pulitzer collection collaboration with “Tar-ghay” was announced way back in January, and commercials featuring the colorful clothing have hyped shoppers up to a frenzy. Jason Wu has also caused a similar frenzy, as reported by the Inquisitr, when Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses and caused a Target shopping frenzy.

The same type of fervor is happening at Target stores on Sunday. Folks waited outside their local Target stores well before 8 a.m. in order to snatch up Pulitzer clothing and resell what they don’t keep for themselves on eBay. The Lilly line debut on April 19 has attracted a plethora of fans from pop-up stores in New York City, where hundreds of shoppers mobbed the store to fill up on their limits of five items each.

Those prepared for the early morning launch online at Target.com on Sunday were hoping to nab some of the amazing prints that actually came to life as a happy “accident” in 1959, when Pulitzer created the colorful stuff to hide the juice stains she spilled on her clothing as a Palm Beach juice stand entrepreneur. Indeed, celebrities have picked up on the bright styles and have helped to make them famous. The affordable prices don’t hurt either, with 250 items in the collection going for $2 up to $150.

[Image via Target]