Roscoe: Puppy Born With Deformed Legs Walks For The First Time After Life-Changing Surgery [Video]

Roscoe, a rescued pit bull puppy was born with deformed legs that left his front legs bent backwards. Owing to this, Roscoe was unable to walk and had no option but to crawl along. However, thanks to the generosity of a few dog lovers and the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina, Roscoe is now no longer disabled.

In his foster owners words, the dog has become a “tap dancer” with his new found ability to walk on all fours, reports WLOS-TV. According to ABC News, Roscoe, who is just 4-months-old, was born with the deformity that caused him to walk on the top of his wrists. This apart from putting the puppy through lots of pain, also led to bloody sores. His foster owner Laurel York, pained at what the dog had to go through just to be able to walk decided to take him to a vet. However, he was dismayed after being told that the procedure to fix Roscoe’s legs would cost him at least $3,500.

That is when he turned to the kind folks at Asheville Humane Society. Thanks to volunteers and donors, they were able to raise funds for a procedure that would fix Roscoe’s condition. According to Dr. David Crouch, a veterinarian from Asheville who performed the surgery on Roscoe, the dog had a difficult time.

“He was trying to walk on the tops of his wrists and created bloody sores”.

Roscoe is doing pretty well after the surgery and is now able to walk with a more elegant gait – even though his legs are still covered in casts.

“For the first couple of days he was really wobbly on his stilts. He’s managing to walk around on his little stilts.” Roscoe’s foster parent, told WLOS-TV.

Dr. Crouch is impressed at the speed at which Roscoe is making his recovery and expects that he will walk normally in a few weeks. He pointed out that the casts on Roscoe’s legs makes him look and sound like a tap dancer as he walks.

“You kind of tap dance like Fred Astaire right now,” Crouch told the pup.

Meanwhile, the Asheville Humane Society has confirmed that Roscoe would be put up for adoption after he is completely healed – a procedure that they expect to last at least four months. The Inquisitr had a few weeks ago reported about Brutus, a quadruple amputee dog walking again after he received two new sets of prosthetic legs. We wish Roscoe all the best for a complete recovery!

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