World’s Worst Chinese Restaurant: You Won’t Believe What Cops Found When They Raided This Eatery

There are a lot of excellent Chinese restaurants in the world. This story is not about one of them. In fact, as police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, discovered last week, this place was less of a restaurant than a little shop of horrors — and this horror show was all-too-real.

With Rio de Janeiro racing to get itself into shape to host the 2016 Olympics, city officials and police are on the lookout for anything that might reflect poorly on the city, or create an unsavory atmosphere for the thousands, maybe millions from around the world who will make the journey there next summer.

In this Chinese pastry place, they found one astonishing example of exactly what they were hoping not to find. Even in the rough-and-tumble city of Rio, authorities were astonished and appalled by what they found there.

“I’ve seen lots of bad things, but what I saw in that pastry house was worse than everything,” said Rio public prosecutor Guadalupe Louro Couto.

So what was so terrible? What could the police possibly could have found in the restaurant?

According to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, the Rio de Janeiro police first started eyeing the place when they heard rumors that the employees there might not have been “employees” at all — but slaves.

When investigators showed up, their worst fears were confirmed. In a back room of the restaurant, they found a cage. And inside the cage — a human being, who turned out to be a Chinese illegal immigrant brought there for the specific purpose of working up to 18 hours a day in the pastry shop, spending the rest of the time locked up like an animal.

But as sickening as that discovery was, the police weren’t done yet.

The same room where the slave laborer was forced to live was filled with a smell of death. When police opened several boxes they found the source of the smell.

The boxes contained the carcasses of dead dogs.

When police arrested the owner of the place, 32-year-old Van Ruilonc, the “businessman” told them what the dead dogs were there for.

If you guessed, “he was serving dog meat to his customers,” give yourself a prize. That is exactly what Ruilonc was up to. According to police, the restaurateur made a practice of catching stray dogs on the Rio streets, killing the dogs by beating their heads in, and then using the meat from their carcasses to stuff the restaurant’s special pastries.

Customers at the world’s worst Chinese restaurant had no idea what they were eating.

[Image via Daily Mail]