‘How Could My Beautiful Girl Be Stabbed 45 Times And No One Hear A Thing?’: Dad Of Sarah Groves Still On Quest To Find Out Who Murdered His Daughter

After two years, a father – Vic Groves, 71 – is still on a quest to find out what happened the night his daughter was stabbed 45 times in a boathouse in India, according to Mirror.

On April 6 2013, the body of 24-year-old British tourist Sarah Groves was discovered in a pool of blood inside a boathouse she rented in India. After being examined by a pathologist, it was concluded that she was stabbed 45 times in a brutal attack.

Afadul Mujtaba, a police officer at the scene, stated that “The woman had multiple stab wounds all over her body and we found a knife next to her.”

Police officials immediately suspected Dutch tourist Richard de Wit – who had been staying in the rented boathouse — of the brutal murder.

Sources say that de Wit fled the scene and all of his belongings were left behind, but was captured hours after Sarah was found dead.

In the interrogation room, de Wit confessed to investigators and to the victim’s father that he had killed Sarah. However, he later changed his story, claiming that he did not murder Sarah.

Afterward he fled to a different country and abandoned his 31-year-old wife and children to avoid another “arrest.”

Vic and his wife Kate were devastated after learning of their daughter’s brutal attack.

Vic has now almost completely ruled out Saeed Shoda, Sarah’s boyfriend, as suspect, according to the Mirror. Due to the way she was murdered, he believes her attacker was someone she knew personally. Both Shoda and de Wit claim not to have killed Sarah.

“This is the difficult room for me. It’s very emotional, where my daughter died two years ago in horrendous circumstances. There just seems no rhyme nor reason,” he said as he sat near the area where his daughter was brutally murdered.

“It is extremely peaceful at night. It is a very calm place in the world. How this could have happened here without people hearing… I just do not know.”

Richard de Wit’s wife – whose name has not been released – claims that he is innocent of the crime. “Richard is innocent. I can’t believe he would do something like this. He never used drugs or drank alcohol,” she said.

“I know he has some psychological problems… He is just a nice guy to us, to the children and everybody. He gets angry with himself sometimes and doesn’t know what to do, but I’ve never seen him violent,” she said.

“It is very difficult for the children. He is a very peaceful, family man who loves his daughters more than anything else in the world.”

Vic will continue to work with investigators to uncover the truth behind Sarah’s brutal murder.

[Image courtesy of Bart Busschots/Flickr]