Missing Colorado Springs Woman Update: Body Matching Ksenia Quiros, Dead Air Force Student’s Mother, Found

Missing Colorado Springs woman Ksenia Quiros has likely been found if a body that police say matches her description turns out to be the end of a four-day search, reported local ABC 7 affiliate.

Quiros disappearance is most likely related to grief due to the sudden death of her son Alexandre Quiros, 21. Ksenia received news earlier this month that her son had been found dead inside of his dorm room at the Air Force Academy on April 2. While it has been released that the younger Quiros died of “injuries” and not natural causes, how exactly he died has not been shared with the public, according to local Colorado Springs paper The Gazette.

Ksenia’s body was found in a hiking area just outside of Colorado Springs called Gold Camp Reservoir. Authorities pointed out that Quiros body, however, was found far from any of the hiking trails. Although the body was not been officially confirmed to be the missing woman, officials said at a news conference after the recovery that all searches would be halted, reported The Gazette.

“We are confident in saying all the searches can stop.”

Both the recently deceased Quiroses are survived by husband and father José. After Ksenia’s body was found Saturday, he released a statement on Facebook requesting that he be given time to grieve after the loss of both his son and wife in such a brief period of time.

“Thank you all for your support. Unfortunately, Ksenia’s body was found earlier today. We ask that we be provided some privacy at this time. We can only handle so much tragedy at a time. Thank you all again, we are overwhelmed with the support.”

Before his death, Ksenia’s son had made both the Dean’s List and Commandant’s List and was scheduled to graduate with a degree in astronautical engineering in just a few months. Some local media, including culture magazine Westword, speculated that the situation surrounding his death was strange, but there has been no official comment to confirm any instance of foul play.

Quiros’ family was still holding out hope that she would be found, even after several days of being unable to reach her. Before her body was found Saturday, reported The Gazette, Jose told the search party that Ksenia’s cell phone had been turned on for 24 seconds on Thursday, the day after she first went missing. Although it seems the woman at least survived the first night of the bitter Colorado Springs weather, it appears that the most recent update has all but confirmed a tragic end to the story.

[Image via Facebook and Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

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