Touching Tribute To South Korean Ferry Disaster Created By YouTube Artist [Video]

A touching tribute was posted to YouTube on the one year anniversary of the South Korean ferry disaster which claimed the lives of more than 300 individuals, many of whom were young students on a class trip. The tribute showcases the life of one of the young victims of the disaster. The artist creates lifelike renderings of photos from throughout the girl’s life until her premature death on the ferry.

The video, created by an artist using Corel Painter 12, shows the young woman from an infant to her death on the ferry. The photo series begins with a recreated image of the young woman as a baby. The painter can be seen altering the image, using the program to age the woman slowly. The last photo shows the girl with an orange vest around her neck. During the Seoul ferry disaster, students were told to put on their orange safety vests and stay in their designated rooms. An action that would cost the young people their lives as the rooms filled with water, making it impossible for anyone to escape.

As the artist finishes the rendering with the orange vest, all of a sudden the screen cuts away to a common error screen. A screen that is meant to depict the sudden loss that families and friends of the ferry passengers experienced. One commenter put the series into perspective noting the use of the error screen as a sign that the tragedy was a “preventable loss.”

“Without knowing the context, the ending of this video might seem like a joke. But it’s not. It’s about sudden loss. A preventable loss, perhaps (anyone who works with a computer knows the importance of saving frequently to prevent loss of edits). Yet it happened. Which made the disaster more tragic.”

The captain of the Seoul ferry was sentenced to 36 years in prison after it was determined he deserted the doomed ship and leaving the passengers to perish at sea.

What do you think of the poignant video tribute to the over 300 passengers lost at sea during the South Korean ferry tragedy?