Twin Strangers: This Woman Meets Her Real-Life Doppelganger For The First Time [Video]

Three friends created a social media campaign in hopes of finding their real-life doppelgangers. The campaign, called Twin Strangers, included posting to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the search to find the stranger that looks most like each of them. However, just two weeks into the campaign, participant Niamh met with one of her doppelgangers face-to-face and couldn't believe her eyes.

On the Twin Strangers website, the friends note that they have set themselves up for an "unusual challenge."

"Help us find our Twin Stranger! We're three friends (Harry, Niamh and Terence) who have set ourselves a pretty unusual challenge: to see if we can find our Twin Stranger or lookalike from anywhere in the world."
In the video uploaded to the official Twin Strangers YouTube account, the friends note that they are giving themselves just one month to find a real-life doppelganger. However, Niamh was able to find a lookalike in just two short weeks. The Irish doppelgangers even met up for the first time and found the whole experience "freaky."

Both women dressed in the same clothes and put on the same makeup to highlight their extremely similar features. With just three years difference in age, the two could definitely pass off the other as their identical twin.

According to the Twin Strangers website, it is believed that everyone in the world has at least seven people who look exactly like you. Do you believe that everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world? How would you react if you met a complete stranger that could pass as your identical twin?