Jade Helm Walmart Conspiracy: Biggest Plumbing Job In History Or Something Far More Sinister?

Walmart closures in Texas, California, Florida, and Oklahoma have sparked mounting concerns over Operation Jade Helm. Five Walmart stores will close abruptly for the next six months. Shocked Walmart workers who have found themselves suddenly out of a job were told that "plumbing problems" are the cause of the immediate closures.

Employees impacted by the Walmart closures were given just a few hours notice about the six-month shutdown. Approximately 2,200 employees will now be without a paycheck during the "extended repairs."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Operation Jade Helm involves 1,200 special forces team members being dropped into seven southwestern states as a part of realistic military training exercises. The domestic special ops training has become highly controversial. The special ops soldiers, some of the most elite fighting men in the world, will be ordered to "operate undetected" among the American civilian population.

Beginning in July and lasting for eight weeks, Operation Jade Helm will take place in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. For the purpose of training, residents in the entire states of Utah and Texas will be deemed "hostiles." Some of the Army Special Forces teams will reportedly drop to the ground from airplanes while carrying traditional military weapons, which will be loaded with blanks, for the realistic military training exercise.

walmart closures
Operation Jade Helm map fuels Walmart closures conspiracy theories.

The abrupt Walmart closures announcement has reportedly left employees confused and Americans pondering the existence of Walmart underground tunnels and Operation Jade Helm conspiracy theories. One of the widely circulating rumors associated with the Jade Helm Walmart story on the internet speculates that the military will use the underground tunnels to move undetected around certain states with the stores being used as either a communications hub or FEMA camps.

"In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it's citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a join venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has been created in order to create an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. These tunnels will also serve as conduits for national defense to rapidly move troops, supplies, and armor throughout the nation between strategic topographical locations. A map of the believed military and government installations affected and connected by this tunnel system," the Jade Helm Walmart rumor circulating online reveals.

City officials in towns affected by the Walmart closures reportedly stated that no building permits related to plumbing problems have been filed.

"This is the first time we're hearing of their sewer problems," Pico Rivera, California, city repair manager Rene Bobadilla said.

The Midland, Texas, Walmart store was reportedly one of the top 10 busiest locations the chain operated in the United States, according to an ABC Action News report. Local city building official Steve Thorpe told the news outlet that when his plumbing inspector went to the store, "he was sent away."

The Walmart closures all reportedly followed the same format at each location. Walmart officials from the corporate office arrived at each store and called a meeting with senior staff to inform them that the retail location would be closed that same evening.

A release about the Walmart closures states that full-time and part-time employees will receive two months worth of paid leave. The staffers were also reportedly welcomed to check into the possibility of transferring to another Walmart store. The statement also reportedly went on to say that some of the former full-time employees might be eligible for a severance package and when the stores reopen, some may be eligible to return.

"Our goal, of course, as a business is to keep our stores open and serving customers. We made a tough business decision in five locations around the country to fix recurring plumbing problems in these stores. We understand this decision has been difficult on our associates and our customers and we aim to reopen these stores as soon as these issues are resolved and improvements are made," the Walmart closures release also noted.

"Even if they had to replace the whole sewer line, it wouldn't take six months," plumber Codi Bauer, who previously completed pipe and drainage work at the now closed Walmart in Brandon, Florida, said when questioning the six-month time frame.

A U.S. Army Special Operations Command release states the training will be vastly more significant that similar realistic military training exercises undertaken in the past.

"The size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart. To stay ahead of the environmental challenges faced overseas, Jade Helm will take place across seven states. The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas. This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment's notice."

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