Ben Sunderman: Teen With Down Syndrome Gets His First Job, His Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Ben Sunderman is quite a happy camper these days. After reportedly watching the mailbox like a hawk for several days, the letter he’d been waiting for arrived. According to ABC News, the letter he’d been waiting for would determine whether or not he’d be getting his first job this summer. So, of course, the information was extremely important. He only has three goals for this summer, which include getting a job, “building muscles,” and getting a girlfriend. Now, he’s achieved the first goal on the list. He’s now going to be a working man.

Ben’s mother, Sharon, recently spoke with ABC News about her son’s highly commendable feat. She also shared details about his new job that he can’t wait to start. It has been reported that Ben applied for the job through a program called Project Search, which is specifically designed for students with learning disabilities. The program assists those transitioning from high school to the workforce.

Through the program, Ben will be employed with Embassy Suites in Frisco, TX. However, that’s not all. Not only will he be working for the hotel, but he’ll also be traveling alone from McKinney to Frisco to work starting in August. Needless to say he was absolutely thrilled.

He was so ecstatic over the news that his parents decided to film his reaction and share it on Facebook. On April 11, his father, Scott, uploaded the video with a caption explaining his son’s big moment.

“My son Ben applied for a special education internship hosted by Project Search and the Embassy Suites hotel in Frisco, TX,” Scott wrote. “He got his acceptance letter yesterday and this is what happened.”

Now, the heartwarming video has gone viral with over 100,000 views. Ben continues to capture hearts all over the country.

[Image via Facebook]