Teen Accused Of Rape Gets A Nasty Surprise From Alleged Victim’s Neighbor

A teen rape suspect in Gadsden, Alabama, is dead after authorities say that the alleged victim’s next door neighbor shot him down in the shooter’s front yard following the attack.

In the early morning hours of Monday (April 13), three men allegedly kicked in the door of the 37-year-old victim’s home and began helping themselves to her belongings.

Two of them did anyway. One, a 17-year-old allegedly stayed behind with the woman holding a gun to her head. As the robbery continued, the teen, the woman says, became more brazen and decided to rape her.

Even after his two partners in the crime were gone, the woman says, he stayed back and continued the attack, clubbing her in the head with the pistol, then told her that he wanted money.

At this point, the woman told police, she said that she didn’t have any money onsite but that her neighbor kept it for her.

The teen then forced the alleged rape victim to take him to the man’s place, situated in a trailer nearby. The report from WBRC said that the woman told her neighbor she needed her money, but that he could tell something was wrong.

The neighbor decided to call 9-1-1, but when the teen overheard the call, he fired two shots in the air and then pointed the gun directly at the neighbor, who was armed himself.

Fearing for his life, the man said that he fired once, killing the teen.

The report did not indicate where he shot the teen, just that it was a “fatal shot.”

“It’s a blessing the guy was at home where the lady could get his attention and maybe this will get our neighbors to look out and help each other,” a neighbor of the shooter told WBRC.

The mother of the teen claims that her son was being unfairly accused of his role in the attack, and that the police were just “dragging his name through the mud,” even though names have not been released at this time.

The shooter was taken into custody and authorities are still investigating to determine whether charges are warranted in the case.

Home invasion stories like this one — particularly involving teens — are more common than you think. A previous report from Inquisitr told the story of Caleb Gordley, who reportedly became intoxicated and broke into a home only to be shot dead by the homeowner.

In that case, the parents of the deceased were also defensive of the accusations, claiming that the armed homeowner had committed murder.

What do you think? When a teen breaks in to a home and commits any crime — rape especially — should bystanders or victims themselves be allowed to use deadly force?

[Image via WBRC, linked above]