Adam Carolla Endorses Ted Cruz For His Stance Against The IRS

Adam Carolla is no stranger to controversy, and his latest statement on the upcoming presidential election for 2016 is sure to kick up some dust considering Carolla runs his popular podcast from one of the most liberal areas of the country.

Tea party favorite Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Carolla’s show to discuss a number of factors related to his run for President. Inevitably, his desire to “padlock” the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) appealed to Adam.

“Thank you so much for wanting to eliminate the IRS,” Carolla said at the beginning of the interview. “It’s driving me nuts.”

Adam Carolla, who grew up in abject poverty and made a name for himself as a comedian, actor, and radio personality, said that the IRS “hammers” him four times per year, and that he “never thought it would be like this” when he was a poor person growing up.

“Here we are always talking about gay rights, or immigration, or whatever it is, the trans-gender community or something, fine,” Carolla said. “But that doesn’t impact the entire country. This impacts literally everyone who is born in this country so it is a good place to start, in terms of policy.”

Cruz, a supporter of a standard “flat-tax” that would eliminate the need for the IRS, agreed.

“A lot of the time what politicians are trying to do is to distract the voters with smoke and mirrors, rather than talk about the issues that really matter to their lives,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s flat-tax proposal — that every American pays the same percentage of their income so that filing taxes would be as simple as filling out a postcard-sized form — was dubbed “impractical” by Forbes, but the Senator continues to pursue it out of a desire to disband the Internal Revenue Service.

Adam Carolla has been in the news more recently for his spat with former colleague Alison Rosen than his political views.

Carolla unceremoniously fired Rosen, to hear her tell it, via email with little warning or explanation.

Carolla explained to listeners on the episode where he introduced Alison’s replacement, Gina Grad.

“Alison Rosen is not gonna be part of this program in 2015. Why? Nothing personal. I like Alison Rosen. I think Alison Rosen is very talented and very funny. I think she’s a great writer and I think she’s a great comedic voice, but I don’t think she’s a great sidekick. I think she’s a good sidekick, but I don’t think that’s her calling… I sat next to her for a number of years, and I tried it out, and it just wasn’t a fit, as far as sidekick… It’s not a personal thing, it’s not a creative thing, and it’s not even an ability thing. I just feel like she wasn’t sidekick material, which is probably a good thing.”

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