Millennials Criticized As ‘The Most Selfish Generation’ Who Don’t Care What They’re Doing To Their Parents

Millennials are definitely facing their share of problems in the 21st Century with skyrocketing student loans and a stubborn job market.

While previous generations could depend on college leading to a job, this generation doesn’t always have that luxury, and their tuition costs are multiplying at a much higher rate.

These very issues are what fueled a recent report from the Huffington Post noting how many millennials are finding a measure of success by moving back in with their parents and using that support to cut costs and get their lives off to a fresh start.

The HuffPo piece cites a Pew research study that revealed a steady climb in the number of young people (between the ages of 18 and 30) who are still living with their parents or that moved back in with Mom and Dad compared to young people from 1968 as well as every generation since.

The uptick has only started with millennials, and while it’s shown as a positive in the HuffPo piece, some are lashing out at this group as “the most selfish generation.”

Facebook user Jay May has criticized millennials as being “self-centered brat adult kids,” who “don’t give a d**n about how this affects their parents’ lives.”

“Once the children leave home, it is the parents’ time to recapture whatever is left of their own lives,” May added.

Another Facebook user, Julie Beam, agreed to an extent.

“I think I would be rather irritated to have my son and his wife move in with me just to save money to buy a house,” she said, adding that she didn’t think it was “right.”

“Parents will always be parents, but they shouldn’t spend the rest of their lives focused on their adult children and their needs…. I know when I had to move back home with my toddler son, it was a real strain on everyone. Three generations under one roof. It was stressful for sure.”

“When I was 21 it was the most shameful thing to be living with your parents,” said a third commenter, Ivan Lustig. “What a joke this has all turned out to be. Thank you Obama, Wall Street, and the Fed.”

Previous reports from the Inquisitr on millennials have found that the generation is widely criticized by baby boomers in particular.

Author Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) refers to them, rather unflatteringly, as “Generation Wuss.”

Do you think articles like HuffPo’s and the Pew study reveal millennials to be selfish or practical? Sound off in the comments section.

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