Unappealing Michelle Obama School Lunch Shown In Photo

A photo taken by a parent of their child’s lunch has once again shown us how unappetizing the food is that our government-run schools are serving under the school lunch guidelines implemented based on what First Lady Michelle Obama promoted. EAGnews.org reported the story with the picture taken of what is served under the Michelle Obama school lunch program. That photo is posted above.

“That’s not really a fish filet with a whole wheat bun resting on top. Nah, your eyes are playing tricks on you,” EAGnews.org reported, “That’s what administrators at Virginia’s Portsmouth Public Schools want parents to believe after a mother took a photo of her child’s paltry school lunch and posted it on social media.”

This alleged food, compliant with the Michelle Obama school lunch program, was served early this week at James Hurst Elementary school in Portsmouth, Virginia. Stating he was concerned about the appearance of the lunch in the photo, the school district’s Food Service Coordinator, Jim Gehlhoff said the unappealing appearance was due to “poor lighting” and “food presentation.”

He said it was fully in compliance with the Michelle Obama school lunch program, and that “the meal in this photo and other meals served by Portsmouth Public Schools meet nutritional and USDA requirement.”

Writing for American Thinker, Thomas Lifson reports how opposition to the Michelle Obama school lunch plan has lead to an effort to enact legislation in Tennessee to allow schools to opt out of the program.

“National food scold Michelle Obama has sparked a revolt against her strictures on school lunches. Perhaps aware of how much food gets tossed into the trash as inedible, or perhaps merely anxious to please constituents, legislators in Tennessee revolted against Michelle,” Lifson writes for American Thinker.

“The legislation would allow public schools to do away with a wave of ‘healthy’ school food regulations championed by first lady Michelle Obama and imposed on schools through the National School Lunch Program. Schools that participate in that program receive federal subsidies to provide free and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches to needy students,” American Thinker reported on the legislation in Tennessee.

While the Michelle Obama school lunch plan was designed to be “more healthy,” it has been a dismal failure, reported the Inquisitr, because 85 percent of the vegetables being served are thrown in the trash by the students.

“Not only do students dislike and waste nearly all of the lunch that has come about since Michelle Obama’s ‘healthy lunches’ program, everyone from parents to cafeteria staff are fed up with it. In fact, some children have gone as fair to say her healthy inspired lunches ‘taste like vomit,’ the Inquisitr reported. “Students have taken to social media, including Twitter, to express their discontent. Many sarcastically post pictures of food with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama, while others come right out and say that she’s ‘ruined their life.’ One student tweeted, “Michelle Obama is single-handedly ruining my life by changing school lunch and the vending machines.”

[Photo of the school lunch served in Portsmouth, Virginia from EAGnews.org.]